Blueberry Apple Jelly

Delicious Blueberry Apple Jelly is perfect for harvest time or any time!

1 pt. fresh blueberries
2 c. water
2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 box powdered fruit pectin
2 c. canned apple juice
5 c. sugar

Wash and crush berries. Put in saucepan with water and lemon juice. Bring to a slow boil and simmer about 5 minutes. Put in jelly bag; squeeze out juice. Measure 2 cups into kettle. If necessary, add water to make 2 cups. Add pectin and apple juice, put over high heat and stir until mixture comes to a hard boil. At once stir in sugar. Bring to a full rolling boil; then boil hard one minute, stirring. Remove from heat, skim off foam; pour into glasses.
Makes 8 (6 oz.) glasses.

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