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Blueberry Jam and Jelly Recipes

Our blueberry jam recipe collection contains tasty jams and jellies to satisfy your cravings.

Jam has been around since before Roman times. There is evidence that even before Roman times, the Persians were preserving fruits such as the medlar, to provide valuable vitamins to their diet year round. The first preserves were made using honey as a preserver but later sugar came to be used more regularly.The world’s first known book of recipes, Of Culinary Matters, written by Marcus Gavius Apicius, of Rome, in the first century, includes recipes for fruit preserves.

In the United States, early New England settlers preserved fruits and berries with honey, molasses or maple sugar. Pectin extracted from apple parings was used to thicken jellies.

Jelly is more popular among kids, while preserves are favored by adults. In fact, the average child will eat 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by high school graduation.

Blueberry jellies and jams are easy to prepare and make great gifts. Try one of our recipes today!

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