How This Web Site Makes Me Money And Why It Wouldn't Exist Without SitebuildIt

I have always believed it is my destiny to accomplish many great things and Solo Build It is helping make it happen!

Solo Build It (I’ll explain that in a minute) has allowed me to achieve goals in my life I never thought I could accomplish!

One of those goals was to have a web site that made me money while I was sitting on the beach of one of my favorite lakes in Minnesota. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just want to have some flexibility in my life and not be tied down by a 9-5 job.

I had read articles about those seemingly “lucky” people who appear to just sit back and watch the money roll in. Well, I believe “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Have a look at this picture which explains my motivation quite well, I think.

I had been looking for a way to break into the web game. I knew just enough to be dangerous… not to others, just my bank account.

I read books, met with web designers, and purchased web site building software that made my head feel like it was going to explode. I even paid a lot of money for a web site that I couldn’t manage myself and ended up paying the hosting company lots of money to do something as menial as correct a typo! And that was in addition to monthly hosting fees.

That site was making a small amount money each month but I was always on the look-out for how to improve what I was doing. I felt like I was wandering in the dark. Just as I began to think that maybe I should take a class at our local college, to become more techno savvy, I came across Solo Build It.

To begin with, I learned how to earn money from advertising revenue (that’s how I make money from this site). You can download this Free Home Study Course from the Solo Build It people which explains how to do this.

When I came across Solo Build It it seemed as if someone had finally turned the light on for me. I realized there was a much better way of making money with a web site than what I had been trying. That was the one of the key reasons I chose Solo Build It.

Attracting visitors to your site is most important and is achieved by providing good quality content. I do it in the form of recipes and other useful information about blueberries.

Not only that, with Solo Build It, I could do it all myself! I didn’t need to hire a web designer or go back to college. Not only would that save me money, it would also save time. I am able to create a page, look at it, make changes and move on.

They helped me with all the aspects of building a web site: researching the market, building web pages, finding key words, dealing with search engines, setting up links, and so on. Sure, it requires a bit of work writing high quality content. But, as Solo Build It advises, if you choose a topic that interests you, that really isn’t a problem. Just add your own motivation and persistence and you too can accomplish many great things.

If this sounds like something you might like to do, just take a look at the Solo Build It Action Guide. I found it so rewarding , I have built three more sites, two for my small businesses and another for fun. Take a look at them and see for yourself the possibilities!

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